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April Net Worth 2015


Another month is in the books.  This month was another busy one we still have some remodeling going on and some of the price for this remodel is not yet reflected in our finances so I can see the next month not having as big of jump but hopefully it wont be going down at all. we purchased two stocks this month in our IRAs (CAT, DIS) both very long term buys that will hopefully payoff. My prosper account is starting to get the payments rolling which has been fun to see.  We are still both trying to pay off credit card debt so that we can increase our investment income for the future.

Assets                                       Current Month         Net Change From Last Month

Cash                                  $      4,420            421

Investments                    $    24,326            635

Home                                $  216,384            2,087

Autos                                $    23,460             -20


Credit Card                      $       -8610        22

Student Loans                 $       -9323         154

Car loans                          $    -15,516         206

Misc. Loans                     $      -2,264        -256

Mortgage                         $  -140,285         260

Net Worth                                      $      92,592        3,765 Exceeded our goal by $1,585 this month 🙂

Net Worth goal for 2015              $    110,000 month over month increase of 2,180 to achieve this goal.

This was a great month Zillow increased our home value quite a bit for 2 straight months now I still dont think that number is too far off especially after the remodeling but we have no intention of moving anytime soon to realize these gains yet but it is still reassuring to know that we have a fair amount of equity in our home.

That’s it for this month short but sweet, thanks for stopping by

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