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February Net Worth 2015


Another month in the books.  We had a great month of saving and investing, as you can see below we were able to increase investments and pay down some credit card debt. We did not receive any dividends or prosper payments in February because our stock portfolio is still small and our prosper account is only a month old.  we purchased PM this month to increase our forward dividend income and I am also adding money to our Prosper account every paycheck to increase our forward income from peer to peer lending as well.


Assets                                       Current Month         Net Change From Last Month

Cash                                  $      3,753          -266

Investments                    $    23,441            863

Home                                $  212,234            580

Autos                                $    23,490             -10


Credit Card                      $       -8271        1051

Student Loans                 $       -9634         157

Car loans                          $    -15,938         205

Misc. Loans                     $      -2,008        -145

Mortgage                         $  -140,545         259

Net Worth                                      $      86,522        2,687 Exceeded our goal by $507 this month 🙂

Net Worth goal for 2015              $    110,000 month over month increase of 2,180.42 to achieve this goal.

How was your month?  Did your net worth go up, down or sideways?


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