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March Net Worth 2015


Overall it has been a VERY busy month for us. I have been doing a ton of remodeling on the house this month and making a lot of progress.  we did a good job keeping the expenses to a minimum with the exception of house remodeling expenses which will continue for probably 2 more months in which we will probably have to borrow a few thousand to complete everything.  I don’t really have a problem with it because we are adding much more value to our home than we spending due to the labor I am putting into the project.   Once that is all done our money will be going to debt then investments.

The changes to note this month are the increase in home value which is done automatically for me on my personal capitol account through zillow so it may be a little aggresive but its on par with comparable sales in the neighborhood. Also I did this the first day it was available so I didn’t catch my house payment this month.

Assets                                       Current Month         Net Change From Last Month

Cash                                  $      3,999            247

Investments                    $    23,691            250

Home                                $  214,297            2,063

Autos                                $    23,480             -10


Credit Card                      $       -8632        -361

Student Loans                 $       -9477         157

Car loans                          $    -15,722         215

Misc. Loans                     $      -2,264        -256

Mortgage                         $  -140,545         0

Net Worth                                      $      88,827        2,305 Exceeded our goal by $125 this month 🙂

Net Worth goal for 2015              $    110,000 month over month increase of 2,180 to achieve this goal.

I’m ok with the month, I realize that if it weren’t for the gain in home value we would not have hit our monthly net worth increase goal which is kind of a bummer but all extra funds are going towards remodeling at the moment.

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